Membership Services By Access Level

Bronze All public access features plus:

  • your basic business information in the Find-A-Seller database
  • access to selected articles in our document database
  • specially developed page content for your access level
  • selected, hard to find, business related ebooks
  • download key files and business software
  • important website links to off-site resources
  • access to multiple category blog posts
  • a little fun in the mix: access to our business humor page
  • membership badge you can post on your website

Silver All Bronze level features plus:

  • extend your business information in Find-A-Seller database
  • featured articles available by membership level
  • additional ebook selections not available elsewhere
  • more featured software and other resources
  • book recommendations across a number of fields
  • specialized book reviews by business experts
  • access to guest blog posts from other professionals
  • membership certificate suitable for framing
  • OSA Certified Business badge (upon certification)
  • topical discussion forum - share with peers and pros
  • website SEO review by a search engine optimization professional
  • personalized email support for your individual business situation
  • general social media marketing to promote your business
  • special recognition for your achievements

GoldAll Silver level features plus:

  • access to special Gold level information and reports
  • special SEO report once per calender year
  • full stand-alone website with integrated blogging
  • involvement in OSA's personal mentoring program
  • invitation to the Gold Card group within OSA

Available Courses Include:

  • Basic Computer Survival
  • Personal Development Strategies
  • The Business of Busines
  • Online Presence Development
  • Marketing and Presentation
  • WordPress Workshop for Users
  • Pinterest Marketing Workshop
  • File Transfer Protocol Workshop
  • Kindle Publishing Workshop
  • ...details and other courses may be found HERE!

  • Platinum* All Gold level features plus:

    • a personalized, custom designed, business profile page
    • full stand-alone website with integrated blogging
    • website includes domain name, hosting, shopping cart
    • premium articles written just for your business
    • personal topical research for information you need
    • professional SEO report available up to four times per year
    • on-site search engine optimization each month
    • monthly books selected and shipped directly to you
    • special telephone support available weekly
    • OSA Learning Academy membership - courses, tutorials, more
    • extended top level recognition among your peers

    Titanium* All Platinum level features plus:

    • key executive articles developed for your business
    • executive books and reviews available individually
    • extended features developed for, and added to, your website
    • professional shopping cart with up to 20,000 items
    • monthly detailed professional SEO report
    • off-site search engine optimization - back links and more
    • inclusion in a focused social media marketing program
    • multiple website cross-linking program
    • special website content and blog management
    • off-site memberships, access to programs, and more
    • selected conference access, mingle with business leaders
    • unique retreat invitations - individual time with experts
    • personalized one-on-one telephone mentoring
    • lifestyle, spiritual, and business coaching
    • Executive Club membership with special features/access
    • special OSA Director invitation
    • pinnacle recognition for your success

    * By Invitation Only.

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