About The Online Selling Association

First Prize - Online Sellers AssociationThe Online Sellers Association (OSA) is a membership group created with you, the online seller, in mind. Developed as a unique place to bring together the many areas necessary to support online sellers and selling online, it offers a single point of focus on your journey of success.

The Online Sellers Association website brings together powerful resources and online business people of all types at a place where you can share with other like-minded members. With expert support you can explore established concepts and new ideas.

At the Online Sellers Association you can experience and learn with others as you begin, or continue, to develop and build your online business operations into the future. The resources you find here will provide answers to questions you will have, and will open the door to opportunities you might otherwise miss. Whether you currently offer, or intend to offer, products, services, or both, through your own online business, dealing directly with consumers, or supporting other businesses, the Online Sellers Association is for you.

Business - Online Sellers AssociationYou may be at the beginning of your online experience, looking to establish your own e-commerce business. You may already sell online but you are still concerned about your business growth, marketplace fluctuations, or the economy. You may be an experienced professional with a lot to share, but you also have more to learn and explore. Whatever your current situation may be the Online Sellers Association provides an extensive, and ever expanding, resource covering a wide range of topics, services, tools, and links for anyone with their own online business.

Thumbs Up - Online Sellers AssociationThe Online Sellers Association website is an excellent place to join, and visit often, where you can become an active member who learns and/or shares at your own pace. Unlike so many other forums and help sites available on the 'net, as a member of the Online Sellers Association you are free to participate here a little, or a lot, exactly as you choose. There are no quotas. No presure is applied to you. There are no requirement to post in forums. You can be as active as you wish or just lurk quietly in the background. Either way you will find a treasure trove of useful information, ideas, suggestions and other help here on this site. As an OSA member you will have access to it all. Take what you need. Visit only as often as you wish.

The Online Sellers Association is designed with you, the online seller, in mind. Founded by the Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD., an online business professional, website architect, and spiritual adviser, with years of experience, the Online Sellers Association brings together, under one virtual umbrella, the single largest, and fastest growing, resource featuring professional information, reference materials, and personal assistance, focused on supporting the individual online business person. No other place has the material, and service base, gathered together as a single resource.

The Online Sellers Association will always be a work in progress. The field of e-commerce is in constant flux and the needs of online sellers are constantly changing. In order to deal with that change, new resources will be added and updated here regularly, almost daily. Some information is sourced from the Internet, saving you hours of research. Other content is developed exclusively by skilled professionals, just for this site, meaning it is available nowhere else. That combination makes this site your single best resource website on the Internet. You will be able to quickly find information you need, as well as receive personal help on individual issues, that could otherwise cost you hundreds, even thousands, more elsewhere.

Helping to develop this website content, and bring other aspects of the Online Sellers Association forward, is an impressive team, including the OSA Board of Directors. Each of the board members bring their personal and online business experience to the table. Each is a seasoned professional, and a team player, with many years of experience and success. Many of the articles on this website reflect that experience and the ideas, and the concepts, behind this expertise.

OSA No Scams HereWhat the Online Sellers Association is NOT is a scam site trying to up-sell you at every turn. We won't invite you to any high pressure sales sessions, promise you riches, and then hit you with a call for more investment.

At the Online Sellers Association we also know there is no free lunch and that money doesn't grow on trees. Hard work has taught us there is no magic bullet and no easy path to instant riches. We offer our members useful content, solid programs, and sound direction, not empty promises and pushy sales pitch.

We offer real success solutions, but we also know the key element in all this is YOU... and how much real work you are prepared to put into your own success. Choose from our five membership levels. Select the one that is best for you. There is no contract period. You may cancel your membership at any time. Our Bronze level is actually FREE!

You can ask us questions about them, and we will offer you helpful information so you can make a better choice, but we WON'T push you into a high priced package than you don't need or can't use. There is NO hidden "special offer" that requires more payment.

Everything we do is up front and above board. We are sincere in our commitment to help other online sellers. We are all active online sellers ourselves. We know what it's like to be out there on your own. With the Online Sellers Association you will not be alone. You will be a member of a large and growing community. Join us today -- we even offer a FREE account -- and see what the Online Sellers Association can offer you.

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