Authors Wanted!

I am assembling and publishing a new social media anthology for Kindle and I am looking for nine additional authors to participate in its creation. I am looking for business professionals, coaches, and/or social media professionals to write a chapter on their experience and/or recommendations for social media use in business (online or off). The material should be 1500 to 2500 words (or more) in length and may include reference to your own business (but should not be an ad) and deal mainly with one aspect of social media, one social media service (Twitter, facebook, etc.) or a method of using one or more services in promotion of a business or marketing a product or service.

Additionally you may provide about 200 to 250 words of biographical material to be included separately. You may include your email address, website URL and/or other contact information and a clear promotion, pitch, or statement of what your business provides. Mention of products, services, or other books will be permitted. Content may be edited.
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Tom Corson-Knowles

Tom Corson-Knowles is an accomplished author with nearly two dozen books on Amazon. He has written about things as far ranging as diet smoothies and making money with Twitter. His recent series about writing and publishing for the Kindle platform, including The Kindle Writing Bible: How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book From Start To Finish (Kindle Bible), The Kindle Formatting Bible: How To Format Your Ebook For Kindle Using Microsoft Word (Publishing And Marketing Tips Included For PC) (Kindle Bible), The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks on Amazon, and The Amazon Analytics Bible: How To Use Analytics To Sell More Books On Amazon And Make Better Marketing Decisions (Kindle Bible), is a collection worth having for any author who expects to publish for the Amazon Kindle reading device at some point.
  Continue reading Tom Corson-Knowles™ has been unveiled as the next generation of Internet-based auction and classified advertising capabilities. The perfect blending of concepts pioneered by ebay™ and Craigs List™, brings additional features not found with either business model.

The brain child of Pompano Beach, FL executive Kenneth T. Moore, has numerous options available to both buyers and sellers Moore stated. “We have packed in features and services for our customers that make this new entry in the multi-billion dollar auction and classified market place stand out as a truly unique, next generation service.”

The site is free to use for buyers searching for products or services available world-wide, nationally or even on a regional basis. For sellers there are no fees to pay when listing your item or service* and no transaction fees charged once the item is sold.

Ease and speed of transaction capabilities are maximized with the unique seller2buyer payment gateway, for both auction and classified ads. This added feature increases the sales, with the buyer being able to purchase the product on the spot rather than negotiating payment vehicles with the seller.

Even site simplicity and intuitive graphics were considered when creating There’s no need to try and figure out multiple pull down menu’s or confusing terminology when using the service. The user experience is simplified by well thought out and designed functions.

Along with the free listing categories, store-front or e-store positions are also available for a small monthly fee. And, for added exposure, seller’s can select additional premium features but there is no obligation to do so to place an ad.
The company website supports listings from multiple Countries, states, cities and provinces in English, Spanish and Portuguese. brings together a unique global marketplace and experience with this newly launched website service. Visit the site today and experience how easy buyer and seller can now meet and transact business sales and purchases.

*Fee applies to Job and Adult categories.

Dream It, Live It, Love it!

Don McGrath, PhD. is an athlete, speaker, coach, mentor and advocate for those who want to be fit and healthy later in life through exercise and sports. As a lifelong athlete who previously competed in running at the national level, his current passion is for rock climbing in the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains. Don is also a trained personal coach who enjoys his work helping others achieve the health and fitness they desire. Don and his wife, Sylvia, live in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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It’s The Sizzle, Stupid!

Setting price for your items is often a concern. Are you charging too much or are you giving the items away? If they price is too high will they even sell? Will people pay me what my work, or the item, is worth? How can I ask that much in an economy like this?

There is an old adage among marketers that says, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak!" and it is something worth understanding and remembering. It is a simple thing that lies at the foundation of all selling and marketing.

To better understand the concept let's consider a full page add placed many years ago in a nationally distributed news magazine by Pierre Berton, a prolific and successful Canadian writer, offering what he called beautiful "Golden Crown" lawn plants that were guaranteed to provide lush golden cover for any lawn in sun or shade.

The ad extolled the wonderful golden blooms and rigorous growth in almost any climate. There were even pictures of the beautiful "Golden Crown" flowers that would make you the talk of your neighborhood. Taraxacum officinal, the marketing exercise continued, a genus the family Asteraceae, was available through this special offer... and then the somewhat ridiculously high price for any lawn covering plant was stated.

The ad was a joke of course and which, if I remember correctly, came out in an April 1 issue of the news magazine that carried it, and you may "get it" if you look up Taraxacum (I've done it for you). The really funny part, though, was that thousands of people sent in checks in response to the ad, to purchase these beautiful "Golden Crown" plants for their lawns!

It's the sizzle people buy, folks, not the steak. If the sizzle is good enough, the price doesn't matter.

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