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We seldom promote third party programs because there aren't a lot of good ones out there. Even the $2000 affiliate deals, that could pay our site nearly a thousand dollar commission for each referral, get a pass when they are just junk. This one is the real thing, though, and the OSA encourages you to take a serious look at it: Everything Your Business Needs. Continue reading for more details and a video...
Unlike typical multi-day, multi-presenter, sessions that require you to travel and stay over at considerable cost, this program is online. You attend the live sessions digitally and/or review the recordings later. It's a wonderful concept that makes it open to almost anyone.
And, unlike so many programs that cost a bungle, often a thousand dollars, or two, or more, this program is very affordable for almost anyone too. Considering the content and the level of the presenters, it's a steal at $87.00. That's right. Just eighty-seven dollars! But there is a limited amount of space so you need to commit early. Check it out now: Everything Your Business Needs.
And have a look at this video:

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